Chic style adjustment body wardrobe recommended pinned …

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Pursuit of good things is the dream of every woman's life, whether it is the Snow White dream of the Cardamom, or the Prada dream of mature intellectuality is the same. For the overall wardrobe of the cloakroom, they are regarded as a beloved. Today we ---MORE---

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Talking about the evolution of domestic home style

I have always paid more attention to the development of home design in the Mainland. Below I will combine the experience and feelings of the judges of the interior design competition for many years, focusing on the evolution of the home style of the villas in the Mainland. The general style of vil ---MORE---

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The real-life CS is one of the military recreational activities that the Chinese have been eagerly wooing in recent years. This “counter-terrorist Jedi confrontation” military themed event aims to convey a healthy and progressive value of play and to stretch its muscles during the batt ---MORE---

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Western Blot (Immune Imprinting) Common Sense Questions…

1. What is western blot? Answer: WB is also known as immunoblot. It is the process of transferring biological macromolecular substances to the solid carrier through different channels. 2. What are the advantages of western blot? Answer: Sensitive, up to ng level, theoretically up to pg level wi ---MORE---

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American scientists successfully developed enzyme-free …

Editor's note: Recently, the US Department of Energy, the Joint Bioenergy Institute and Berkeley Laboratories have jointly developed an ionic liquid that can pre-treat cellulose at room temperature, or is expected to achieve low-cost research and development and production of biofuels. Ionic ---MORE---

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Self-adhesive constant temperature and humidity test bo…

The self-adhesive constant temperature and humidity test box is also called the constant temperature and humidity test box. Its equipment structure mainly shows the following four aspects:     (1) The chamber of the test chamber is in the form of an integral structure. The refrigeration ---MORE---

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British scientist successfully used new method to separ…

Editor's note: According to a recent report from the physicist organization network, researchers at the University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom have succeeded in separating hydrogen and oxygen from water by using the electron-coupled proton buffer (ECPB) method. Cost-scale production of hy ---MORE---

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