Bioelectric plastics for electronic appliances

NEC Corporation, a Japanese electronics and electronics company, has developed bio-degradable plastics for electronic applications. The materials contain PLA and 20% natural fibers called Kenaf.
This new material will be used for electronic product packaging, that is, encapsulating silicon chips. According to NEC, there was no previous biodegradable plastic that required the heat resistance and rigidity required for this application. The new material will replace ABS and glass fiber reinforced ABS.
According to Masatoshi Iji, senior manager of NEC's Environmental Technology Laboratory in Japan, the company currently uses PLA blends made by many different material companies to prepare PLA/Kenaf biodegradable plastics, but in the near future, it will cooperate with PLA material manufacturers to produce PLA. / Kenaf composites, the new material's heat distortion temperature (HDT) of 120 °C, almost double the non-enhanced PLA 67 °C, bending modulus of 7.6GPa, also higher than the non-enhanced PLA 4.5GPa. NEC Corporation expects to realize the industrial application of this biodegradable plastic within 2 years.

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