Famous British milk companies launch new organic dairy products

The Organic Milk Suppliers Co-Operative, the UK's largest dairy manufacturer, is pushing its latest organic dairy products.

The packaging used for this dairy product is a 4-pin plastic tray. The packaging of 4 pints is mainly intended to cater to the entire family. The purpose is to meet the growing demand for organic dairy products. In 2004, the sales of organic milk in the UK increased by 30%. In 2003, organic milk accounted for only 2% of fresh milk sales, and sales amounted to 43 million pounds.

The brand name for this product is Altogether Better, which is mainly to get more people's expectations for organic dairy products. However, the name organic milk will not become a sales promotion point for this product. The company just hopes that the organic milk is used to introduce more and more people to the high nutritional value of organic milk.

The company’s spokesperson stated that Altogether Better is landing the organic dairy market, but has not yet achieved any market share. At the same time, we are also planning to produce other organic dairy products. Our goal is to occupy half of the organic milk market in the UK. So we must compete with organic dairy products such as Yeo Valley, Rachel`s or other retailers' own brands.

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