Causes and Solutions of Dyeing in Printing

From its phenomenon, it is an ink problem. One of the reasons is that the substrate or even the polyolefin film is permeable to water; the second is an ester-permeable solvent; the third is a transparent dye, and the chromogen-type pigment; the fourth is a slightly more transparent acidity ink; Is containing wax or amide additives. In the final analysis, it is the problem of ink binders and colorants - such as a low softening point and a high degree of impermeability; a polyamide resin with a low acid and amine value penetrates, and a polyamide resin with a high acid value is impenetrable; contains a monoacid Throughout the process, even the dried ink film will stick back (especially high temperature, slitting, etc.).

To solve this problem, one is to reduce or eliminate the use of ester solvents;

The second is to avoid the use of dyes, chromogens;

The third is to choose high pH ink;

The fourth is to use a high softening point of the ink material;

Fifth, choose polyamides with high acid and amine values;

Sixth, the choice of non-amide or fatty acid resin;

Seven is to use polyamide resin containing less monoacid (usually its higher solubility - 10.4- 10.5);

Eight is adding nitro ink in its ink to increase its softening point. To solve the polyamide ink migration, dyeing and other defects.

(Author: Liu poly)


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