Food packaging that can supervise the shelf life of food

At present, scientists at home and abroad have successively researched and developed packagings that can supervise the shelf life of foods and foods that are not easily contaminated. The main characteristic of this kind of packaging is that once the food exceeds the shelf life, its packaging will begin to decompose, loose, and break automatically. With the increase of the expiration date, this phenomenon will become more and more heavy, indicating that the goods have lost market value. Should not sell or eat. Another important significance of this package is that it does not constitute man-made pollution, neither pollution of the food nor environmental pollution.

According to experts, there are currently three major categories of such packaging.

One is a packaging material made from a polymer compound as a raw material, based on the principle of its temperature and humidity decomposition. After it expires, it begins to break, and the remaining parts are discarded in water (seawater or fresh water) and can be decomposed into microorganisms in the water and substances that fish like to eat.

The second category is based on starch-based hydrocarbons and light-electricity as a descendant. After the shelf life expires, the packaging material will automatically decompose and break with the light, making it easy to see at a glance. Residues are buried in the soil and then biodegraded by bacteria into fertilizers that do not pollute farmland and crops.

The three types are based on cellulose in the stems and leaves of straw, wheat straw and other plants as the main raw material, adding the appropriate amount of starch packaging materials. When the food begins to fail and expires, it begins to fall apart and no longer functions as a package. Destructed packaging can write poultry, livestock and fish feed.

Experts said that this new type of food packaging is degradable, does not cause environmental pollution, and its economic and social benefits are very significant.

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