Glass card paper special printing experience

While many packaging and printing companies are pursuing high efficiency and high profits, especially in the active development of high-value-added products, the printed matter of glass card paper can be said to be the favored one in high-value-added products. It is particularly expensive due to its smooth, white and bright colors. At present, most packaging and printing companies use imported glass card paper, but their performance and quality are still difficult to compete with products of developed countries. This glass card paper only from the appearance of the packaging is enough to make you feel noble to it, beautiful atmosphere packaging plastic box with plastic packaging machine 'target=_blank> transparent film packaging, plastic packaging machine' target=_blank> Inside the transparent film is another layer of paper and plastic composite packaging, and a small package of 100 packets (Note: This paper produced in China is a 250-pack, moisture resistance is also poor).

Glass card paper has a wide range of applications, including high-end pharmaceutical packaging, tagging in brand-name clothing, invitations for large-scale banquets and large-scale business negotiations, menus used in high-profile star-rated luxury hotels, and program listings for large-scale theatrical performances. The use of this material to package its products will give you a sense of exquisite decoration and sophisticated materials. The medicine packaging box made of it has better sealing performance and has become one of the preferred materials for high-end product packaging.

Why is glass card paper hard to print

The difficult printing of glass card paper is a common exclamation sent out by all the industry's production practitioners. The reason why the glass card paper is difficult to print is that its surface is extremely smooth and smooth. It is difficult for the adhesion of the ink to be easily gripped. The configuration of the auxiliary materials in the ink also adds a lot of complexity and variability to the printed products. The entire production process also has a great impact. As the processing of glass card paper is of high added value, customers naturally have very high demands on their quality, and the consequences of slight flaws are serious. For example, the amount of ink desiccant is difficult to grasp, so this requires that our lead must be associated with the ink distribution personnel according to the production season, temperature, humidity, the size of the batch size and the number of colors related to other processes (such as hot stamping , from the convex, pressure line). Otherwise, there will be serious consequences caused by quality problems and failure to make the company suffer huge losses, resulting in ineffective production, so the average SME does not dare to undertake processing. There are three reasons for not dare to contract:

1, do not have first-rate equipment.

2, logistical support is weak.

3, printing skills are not strong.

Use strict production attitude to operate

Because the glass cardstock is smooth and bright, the required printing pressure is relatively greater than the pressure of other prints. Therefore, it is necessary to fully consider when making plates. The material selection of the nursery must be sturdy and durable. The plate is glued with double-sided imported glue. The periphery of the plate is nailed separately to prevent separation of the plate from the plate during high-speed printing. The surface layer does not allow residual traces of residual glue. It should be polished with charcoal to keep the plate free of any remaining foreign material.

Printing rollers should use high quality, elastic and viscous rollers. Used printing rollers can never be used to prevent the surface layer from being scratched and disturbing the printing of new jobs. After the printing roller is adjusted to the best point, the item wire is locked firmly. When printing on the printing plate, the printing plate is preferably centered so that the roller pressure and the plate receiving force are relatively uniform so as not to damage the device.

Clean the roller brush. For a long time, the roller brush will have dust, paper dust, and paper hair. If there is a small amount of paper deposits during the production process, the roller lining will be damaged, and the printing quality will be seriously affected, because it is a high-speed printing. There is a lot of waste at one glance. Therefore, in the production of a sense of responsibility of the main airframe, mental pressure, we must know that many packaging and printing companies are in the simulation market, very strict management of material consumption, once the waste exceeds the standard, the lead will be punished, this is a glass card paper One of the hard-to-print factors.

It is also critical to remove the dust from the suction nozzle and adjust the amount of suction. Inspiratory capacity is small, can not suck up the paper can not continuously print paper, resulting in increased ink. Inspiratory capacity is large, it will appear double or more sheets easily appear adhesive or even cause damage to the printing roller. The grippers, feed dogs, and feed teeth must be adjusted before printing. If the row of loose teeth is inconsistent and loose, the skew will cause damage to the row during printing. General glass card stock is between 80 grams and 300 grams.

The second color printing is more difficult. When the glass card paper is printed in one color, the effect and quality are more satisfactory. When you are satisfied, you should not be complacent and relax. The second color is to consider the accuracy of overprinting. When printing, it is necessary to look at the rules. In order to ensure the accuracy of overprinting, such fine products generally require that all three sides have rules and regulations and check them at a glance. Since printing the first color is a white card, only the quality of the printing is good or bad, and the second color also needs to pay attention to the potential quality crisis that may occur when the printing equipment moves and links the printing surface patterns. . This point also scared the pilots. The solution was to shift all the crimpers away from the printed first-color patterns to solve their problems. In order to prevent scratching and sculpting after re-entering other processes after completion of the print job, strong protection measures can be implemented and the ink can be pressed once with ink. Its ingredients are two-thirds of the resin-dimensional force oil and one-third of the printing bright spot oil match and then add the right amount of ink desiccant - white dry oil. After drying naturally, this will not happen again.

Glass card ink selection

The characteristics of the glass card stock have been described earlier in this article, so when selecting the ink, the ink is basically all imported ink. It is characterized by strong brightness, bright colors, thin ink layers, and strong adhesion, which is most suitable for glass card paper. Ink does not use a few colors as much as possible, but with the withdrawal agent to adjust the depth and depth of the ink, white ink can not be used, because it is a complex composition, the ink fastness with the white ink reference configuration is poor, with a finger slightly stroke You must learn from it.

Although glass card stock is very difficult to print, as long as we carefully study the careful operation can be printed.

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