Tangshan Yuyin has successfully developed automatic hot stamping machine

The holographic anti-counterfeiting laser automatic hot stamping machine with international advanced level has recently been successfully developed at Tangshan Yuyin Company. The product's automatic detection of laser-aluminum version seam interface and positioning hot stamping technology solves a production process problem in the printing industry and is an international initiative.

Up to now, the company has successively developed 6 series and more than 30 products such as automatic die-cutting machines, hot stamping machines, high-speed folder-gluers, and anti-counterfeiting stamping machines, and all of them have passed the EU Electromechanical CE safety standard certification. It is exported to 42 countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, Britain, France, Germany and Russia. Among them, the TYM1020F holographic anti-counterfeit laser automatic hot stamping machine has filled the international gap; the MY401 and MY1020A die-cutting and creasing machines have filled the domestic gap.

The company's first production of two TYM1020F holographic anti-counterfeiting laser automatic hot stamping machines was sold at a price of 1.5 million yuan each.

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