Air-conditioning equipment packaging structure

Patent Name Air Conditioning Equipment Packaging Structure Patent Applicant Lejin Electronics (Tianjin) Electric Co., Ltd. Principal Applicant Address 300402 Inventor of Xingdian Road, Beichen District, Tianjin Application (Patent) No. 200410019147.1 Date of Application 2004.04.30 Certification Date Approval Announcement No. 1690582 Auditing Announcement Day 2005.11.02 Manual Disc No. D0544 Main Classification No. F24F13/32 Classification No. F24F13/32 Division Original No. Application of Priority No. Item Abstract This invention provides a packing structure for an air conditioner, which is a honeycomb structure including cushioning material. 70 and auxiliary cushioning material, cushioning material combined with the outside of the air conditioning equipment to mitigate the impact on the air conditioning equipment, auxiliary buffer material inserted between the cushioning material and the air conditioning equipment, made of foamed resin, and, on both sides of the cushioning material At least one side is adhered to the guard plate, the material of the buffer material and the guard plate is a paper type material, and the auxiliary buffer material is located on the bottom surface and corners of the air conditioning device. The buffer material of the air conditioner device packaging structure of the present invention is formed from a plurality of hexagonal units. The structure of the honeycomb structure is therefore very strong and slow And in all directions, the cushioning material is a paper type material that can be recycled and used to reduce environmental pollution. Sovereignty item 1. A packaging structure of an air conditioner, characterized in that the packaging structure of the air conditioner is a honeycomb structure including a buffer material (70) and an auxiliary buffer material (80), a buffer material (70) and an air conditioning equipment ( 60) The outer side is combined to mitigate the impact on the air-conditioning apparatus (60). The auxiliary cushioning material (80) is interposed between the cushioning material (70) and the air conditioning apparatus (60) and is made of foamed resin. International Application International Publication Entering Country Date Patent Agency Tianjin Caizhi Patent & Trademark Agency Co., Ltd. Agency Address Agent Qian Kai

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