Device and method for packaging products in stretchable plastic film

Patent Application Equipment and Methods for Packaging Products in Stretchable Plastic Films Patent Applicant Torrey-Micro Packaging AG Principal Applicant, Italy Dalmine, Italy Inventor Francesco Torre Application (patent) No. 03824931.6 Date of application 2003.04.17 Approval date Approval notice No. 1694832 Date of publication approval 2005.11.09 Specification CD-ROM D0545 Main classification number B65B11/54 Classification number B65B11/54; Part B65B51/14 Original application number Priority item 2002.11.22 The IT TO 2002A001017 abstract discloses a method and apparatus for packaging a product in a stretchable plastic film (14); the apparatus comprising: means (8, 30) for supporting and heating the product; for supplying a film (14) Means for clamping the film (55, 56, 57; 6) at the location of the covered product; means for contacting the film (14) along the unreleased side and adhering the film (4) (5) ) Device (6) for locking and releasing the cut film (14) in contact with the product in tension; means for bending and gluing the film (14) to the periphery of the product (15, 16, 45) , 46); used to remove the packaged The device of the product; and the control device (13, 20, 33, 34, 35, 36, 38) for the device. Sovereignty item 1. A device for packaging a product in a stretchable plastic film (14), characterized in that it comprises: for supporting a product to be packaged and for heating the product Device (8, 30) on the lower adjacent side; means (55, 56, 57) for supplying the film (14) from the storage device (4) to the position covering the product to be packaged; The device (6) for gripping the film (14) at said location of the product to be packaged; the means for attaching the film (14) to the product in a stretched position A device (5) for contacting a tight film (14) with the product to be packaged; for cutting the product in contact with the product in a stretched state along the side of the product that has not yet been attached to the film 14 from the storage device (4) Means (9) for film (14); means (6) for releasing said severed film (14) in contact with the product in tension; for acting through the entire lower periphery of said product The bending action bends the film (14) to the underlying device (15, 16, 45, 46) of the product, the bending device (15, 16, 45, 46). ) Attaching the film (14) to the lower thermally abutted side of the product; means for removing the product packaged in the film (14); and control means for detecting the operation of the apparatus (13,20,33,34,35,36,38). International Application 2003-04-17 PCT/IT2003/000256 International Publication 2004-06-10 WO2004/048201 English Entering Country Date Patent Agency Organizational Patent and Trademark Agency Co., Ltd. Agency Address Agent Liu Xiaofeng

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