China Paper Industry Develops Single-coated White Blister Paper

In recent years, a new kind of packaging paper for toothbrushes, batteries and the like is commonly on the market. This is a combination of paper and plastic blister paper. Blister packaging is a combination of cardboard and PVC, PET plastic packaging, plastic packaging advantages, strong barrier properties, beautiful appearance, long shelf life, easy to use and so on. Its use of batteries, cosmetics, toys, electronic products, hardware and other products packaging.

Ningbo Zhonghua Paper started from the protection of the environment and targeted at the blister packaging market with uneven quality. Understand the current low level of blister packaging in China, specially formed a professional blister team from the production department, marketing department and technical department. Together, research and development of blister packaging. From June 5th to July 14th, 2005, three experiments were conducted on plastic-absorbing cardboard and other blister paperboards. The plastic injection tests were conducted at Ningbo Shunying, Jiaxing Zhenmin and Linhai Xinhua. Three passes. We generally agree with the "Jinou" brand white coated white background (TR3) produced by Ningbo Zhonghua Paper and agree that TR3's blister effect is ideal, and it has basically reached the general level of blister requirements. The Ningbo Zhonghua Paper Co., Ltd. has continuously improved the paper after fully meeting the market's demand for white plastic blister effect. White plastic special cardboard can replace imported products.

Recently, Ningbo Zhonghua Paper was awarded the “National Environmental Friendly Enterprise Award” by the State Environmental Protection Administration.

Source: Packaging Expo

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