BOBST Launches Pacific Series Folding Box Machine

BOBST has introduced Pacific Folder gluers, one of which is suitable for use with Polyjoiner. The scene demonstrated the processing of a carton box with a box-type cleaner. The audience can clearly see the operation of the new system.

Color Copy Paper is developed and produced in the office copy machine stained paper. Products are divided into light, medium, dark three colors, a total of 27 colors, namely: ivory white, eggshell yellow, beige, light yellow, light yellow 1, light yellow 2, lemon yellow, golden yellow, orange, orange, light green, green, green, Parrot green, green -10, dark green, pink, red, red, red, coffee, light purple, purple, purple, purple, purple, purple, purple, purple, purple, purple, blue; The production machine is a 1760mm paper machine with a weight range of: 70 grams and 80 grams; Commonly used specifications: 846 * 1194 mm, 850 * 1194 mm. Color Copy Paper has been produced for nearly 10 years. The fiber tissue of the product is uniform, the paper is flat, the thickness, tensile strength and surface printing strength are high, the impermeable printing, the hair powder is not able to be dropped, the adhesive degree is high, and the total mass quantitative difference is low. Less dust. Color copy paper products are of stable quality, small color difference between the two sides, bright color, gained a good reputation in the industry, this kind of products are widely used in the copying of various materials and documents

Color Copy Paper

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