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Patent Name Packaging Bottle & Bottle Cap Patent Applicant Sichuan Aoke Pharmaceutical Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. Principal Applicant Address 610016, Building A, 12th Floor, Asia Pacific Building, West Street, Chengdu, Chengdu, Sichuan, China Inventor Yu Min Application (Patent) No. 200520032725.5 Date of Application 2005.01 .06 Approval Date Approval Notice No. 2763185 Audit Notice Date 2006.03.08 Instruction CD-ROM D0610-2 Main Classification Number B65D1/02(2006.01)I Classification Number B65D1/02(2006.01)I;B65D43/16(2006.01)I Division SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The utility model discloses a packaging bottle and a bottle cap. The packaging bottle comprises a bottle body (10), and at least one outwardly protruding retreating loop (11) is arranged on the bottle body (10) at the mouth of the bottle. The bottle cap comprises a sleeve body (20), a cover plate (30) at the upper end of the sleeve body (20) and connected thereto, and a sealing gasket (40) in the sleeve body (20) for sealing between the bottle cap and the bottle mouth. The lower part of the sleeve body (20) is provided with at least two retaining teeth (21) extending inwardly from the inner wall of the sleeve body (20), the retaining teeth (21) and the bottle body (10) The back-out ring (11) corresponds. The utility model has the beneficial effects that the bottle and the bottle cap can be conveniently connected, the bottle cap is convenient to open and close, the sealing performance between the bottle and the bottle cap is good, and the structure is simple. The packaging bottle and cap of the utility model are particularly suitable for packaging powdery or liquid medical injections. Sovereign Items 1. A bottle, including a bottle body (10), characterized in that: at least one outwardly protruding retreat ring (11) is provided on the bottle body (10) at the mouth of the bottle.

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