Wuxi Shenxi Honeycomb Machinery Plant Launches New Laminated Honeycomb Paper Core Production Line

Wuxi Shenxi Cellular Machinery Factory is a professional manufacturer engaged in consulting, designing, manufacturing, and selling cellular machinery equipment. It is located in Yangshan Town, Wuxi City, which is the hometown of China's cellular machinery. While providing users with machinery equipment with high quality, low price, and market competitiveness, they closely follow the development direction of international honeycomb paperboard production, absorb and absorb the advanced technologies of foreign cellular equipment, such as the United States and Japan, and combine with the reality of China to develop The new laminated honeycomb paper core production line with low energy consumption, high efficiency, and low waste is a good alternative to the traditional eight-party paper core production line.

Wuxi Shenxi Cellular Machinery Factory adopted the principle of Japanese paper core machine through the inspection of advanced honeycomb core production equipment in the world. After more than one year's efforts, it successfully developed a laminated cellular paper core machine and it has Delivery customers use. Laminated paper core machine production line consists of shaftless paper holder, coating machine I, compound compaction, flail cutter, conveyor, coating machine II, belt suction device, laminator, press, electrical control system composition. Compared with the commonly used eight-party paper core in the country, it can bring more economic benefits to users.

The production rate of core strips made on the Octagon line was 92%, and the yield rate of laminated cores was 99%. This was a breakthrough in improving the utilization of raw materials, and was also the original intention of the development of laminated core machines. At the same time, the laminated paper core machine also has the characteristics of fast board making. According to the 80% of the effective speed per hour of the stacking board, the board can produce 720 kilograms per hour. On the 8th hour of the day, the daily output is 5760. Kilograms, while the Octagon's daily output is 2300 kg. In the stacked production line, the use of a flail-type paper cutting method does not generate dust, and the cutting method of the Octagonal wire is cut with a toothed saw, which certainly generates dust, and the suction can not effectively control the dust. So the working environment around the equipment is poor. Laminated paper core production line has a very high automation control system, from the base paper into the coating machine → compaction → cutting → coating machine II → suction paper → stacking → presses are all automated, the core board can be directly down to cut paper on board. The control system of the equipment incorporates five major systems: machine, electricity, gas, light, and liquid. The automation effect is obvious. The main electrical parts and components are imported from Japan or Germany, which makes the quality of the equipment more perfect.

Shanghai Shengyi Hao Honeycomb Paper Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Hongyun Honeycomb Paperboard Packaging Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Dongguan Rongying Packing Materials Co., Ltd. used the stacked new core manufacturing equipment of Shenxi Cellular Machinery Plant for the performance and efficiency of the equipment. All gave full affirmation and high evaluation.

Wuxi Shenxi Cellular Machinery Factory always adheres to the tenet of surviving on quality and expanding market on credit. The equipment sold will provide users with maintenance services for life. Users in the operation process can encounter problems at any time to inquire, there are professionals in the factory for users to answer and deal with, such as telephone can not be resolved, the factory rushed to the scene within 24 hours of guidance; if it is caused by improper user operation of mechanical damage They are responsible for repair services and only charge a cost. Wuxi Shenxi Cellular Machinery Plant, after successfully launching laminated honeycomb paper core equipment, also launched a discount exchange activity for the Octagon core equipment, enabling users to discount the old equipment after using the new technology. This activity is greatly affected by the Users are welcome.

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