Two-dimensional coding system to make products more secure and reliable

American Orbid Corporation is a professional logo developer dedicated to the development of product validation, safety tracking and product traceability systems. The company holds a number of patents on 2D barcodes, 3D barcodes, and electronic tag identification technologies. CCL Labels is primarily responsible for packaging and labeling world-renowned consumer goods manufacturing companies. Recently, the two companies announced cooperation in order to ensure that the user's products can achieve the effect of anti-stolen, anti-theft and anti-counterfeiting products after adopting the labels jointly produced by the two companies.

Through the cooperation of the two companies, Orbid can apply its patented two-dimensional coding system to CCL Label's new anti-counterfeiting labels. This cooperation has unprecedentedly promoted the development of product information traceability.

Orbid’s sales executive manager believes that “the adoption of this innovative anti-counterfeiting label in products can make a difference in the entire logistics process from suppliers to distributors to consumers.” This cooperation with Orbid’s 2D The coding system and security labels produced by CCL Labels allow users to monitor products throughout the logistics process to ensure their credibility. In the past, because there was no effective way to track bulk cargoes to ensure the authenticity of products, it provided a greater opportunity for product piracy and theft, thereby reducing the product's safety and was not conducive to sales. If the long-term letting go of such problems, it will greatly affect the company's brand image. "The long-awaited coding system is the most powerful weapon in the fight against piracy and theft," said CCL Labels Market Product Development Director.

The main feature of Orbid’s 2D coding system is to ensure the security of the logo. The 2D barcode can be printed on all the labels produced by CCL Labels. Each label is unique and can be printed in any color or size. And can be printed on various surfaces. Moreover, each tag can be quickly read by a commercial scanning device. In addition, the boxes and labels printed or etched by the two-dimensional coding system are all unique, and they can be repeatedly checked by the supplier's data.

The two-dimensional coding system is a closed system. Each of the codes is generated by a difficult-to-understand picture-based algorithm. Therefore, if pirates want to place the same code on a large number of copies, they are not. Possible. Working closely with CCL Labels and Orbid, adopting their co-produced labels will reduce the possibility of piracy and theft, make products more secure and reliable, and manufacturers and consumers will benefit greatly.

Source: Export Goods Packaging

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