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In the face of the coming summer, SinTeryx has carefully improved and perfected the BlueWorm350 II down sleeping bag.

The design goal of the SinTeryx worm sleeping bag is to achieve a balance between warmth and weight, and to achieve the optimal combination based on the target environment. The BlueWorm 350 II down sleeping bag fully implements this. With a weight of 1,000 grams and a storage volume of 16 x 18 CM, it is inconsequential that the volume and the weight of the plug are small. The temperature scale of 8 to 1 degree is completely comparable to a 350 g/m2 hollow cotton sleeping bag, but its size and weight are more than doubled. In addition, the side and bottom are all opened as a quilt, and two sleeping bags can also be docked into a double sleeping bag, which is a very practical design. The light blue worm can be your best companion for camping, travel and lunch breaks.

SinTeryx is a brand that has the courage to innovate. Each product will be improved in the subsequent products after learning the experience of the first batch of products and the opinions of users. It is with this sincere attitude that likes SinTeryx users will be happy to discover that SinTeryx's progress runs through any batch of products. The BlueWorm350 II introduced this time is the best example.

The BlueWorm350 II is the predecessor of the BlueWorm350 introduced by SinTeryx in 2005. BlueWorm350 has gained a good reputation in the field of summer sleeping bags for its light weight and excellent quality. BlueWorm350 uses soft and comfortable SOFT-B fabric, not only makes the whole sleeping bag look light and comfortable, but also because SOFT-B has good air permeability and water repellent performance, it can volatilize excess water vapor while keeping warm, so as to build a comfortable sleeping environment. Created a good condition. Degreasing thoroughly down, with more than 600 fluffy, compared with similar products have high-end performance. The high quality YKK zipper guarantees the longest service life. The BlueWorm350 II maintains the BlueWorm 350's excellent quality, and has made many improvements in technology and process, making it more in line with the needs of consumers.

The biggest change of the BlueWorm350 II is that it changed the envelope type to the mummy style because the cut design based on the human sleep habit does not feel that the internal space becomes narrow during actual use, but the wasted space inside the sleeping bag is reduced. , thus effectively improving the warmth. As a summer sleeping bag, the side and bottom can all be opened as a quilt, which is what many donkeys need. The mummy-style BlueWorm350 II does not ignore this, but instead has a unique zip at the bottom, which is effectively solved by a dual adjustment system consisting of two YKK zippers. The advantage of this is that we can only open the side zipper, just like a traditional mummy style sleeping bag. You can also open the side and bottom zippers at the same time, becoming a fully opened quilt. At the same time, two sleeping bags can be spliced ​​into a double sleeping bag.

Another notable improvement of the BlueWorm350 II is the design of the zipper bar, which is particularly important due to its unique length and the soft fabric of the sleeping bag, coupled with operational restrictions. SinTeryx has been tested and tested many times and finally solved this problem completely. In fact, the zipper of the BlueWorm350 II has a zipper pull frequency of less than 1% under any condition.

Of course, the improvements in the BlueWorm350 II are not only these. For example, the design of the side pocket watch, the addition of a simple chest collar, the adjustment of the hat structure, and the comfort of the head movement, etc. These designs, starting from the humanization aspect, have made meticulous efforts to win consumer recognition. improvement of.

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