Large format sheet press series

KBA's new generation of KBA Rapida large-format sheetfed offset press series was officially unveiled at drupa exhibition. This series of products is divided into Rapida 130, Rapida 130a, Rapida 142, Rapida 162, Rapida 162a several models. The Rapida 162a's actual printing speed can reach 15500 sheets/hour, and the front and back printing can be up to 10000 sheets/hour, and the maximum size can reach 1200×1620 (mm).

The specific advantages of this series of offset printing machines are concentrated in the following points.

First of all, this series of printers is adaptable to printing from very thin paper to thick cardboard and corrugated cardboard.

Secondly, KBA's exclusive large-format sheetfed offset press can automatically convert the paper turning device, a variety of coating and drying devices for on-line finishing, and numerous additional devices for meeting various special requirements. Guaranteed to provide tailor-made printing technology for packaging and printing companies.

Again, the adjustment time is short and provides comfortable operation. State-of-the-art console technology has the following configurations: It can be selectively integrated into digital workflows; main functions such as comprehensive automation of changing plates, replacing paper stacks, or logic control of non-stop paper stacks; inline density and color quality adjustment Most of the presetting of machine components and attachments are all guaranteed for extremely short adjustment times and comfortable operation.

In addition, the new large-format Rapida has a more sleek appearance and a more elegant line, which fully embodies the purpose of the “people and printing” of KBA and demonstrates the perfect integration of people and equipment. This series of machines has met the standards of contemporary folio models in terms of operating comfort, adjustment time, automation and effective machine speed, and it is even more economical, completing large-area printing and splicing printing in one operation. Most of the tasks are particularly prominent.

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