SpeedyDry Ink Additives

SpeedyDry ink additives can promote the rapid drying of traditional oil-based inks, effectively improving the ink's resistance to the surface of substrates such as matte paper, coated paper, and synthetic paper. When SpeedyDry is used in conjunction with blue, purple, and violet light, its chemical properties make it easy to solve the fading problem caused by the long time. Spotlight Blue ink can be dried within 6 hours after adding SpeedyDry. A commercial printer who used SpeedyDry said: “The product is easy to use; it stays on ink fountains, rollers, and blankets for a long time; it is easy to clean and can form smooth and clear dots.” A judge commented: “ Once this additive is used, you can't give it up again."

PP Strapping

Pp Strapping is used for automatic and semi-automatic machine and munual packing.PP Strapping roll has more than 10 colors, red, green, yellow, blue, purple, black etc. plastic strap. Using new materials, imported materials, ordinary materials make Plastic Strapping, has strong pull force. The width of pp strap roll is 5 to 19mm, thickness is 0.45-1.3mm, , tensile force is 40 to 300kg. Could make customized pp packaging.

PP Strapping

Pp Strapping,High Tensile Virgin Pp Strapping,Woven Pp Strap,High Quality Pp Strap

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