XSYS launches new generation of water-based stable printing ink

US XSYS Print Solutions announced the launch of Hydrokett PRIME, a new generation of stable aqueous inks for narrow-band labeling and labeling applications.

Niklas Olsson, Global Brand Manager at XSYS Print Solutions, said, “The Hydrokett PRIME can provide good color and excellent printability, and is more suitable for high-resolution printing. The Hydrokett PRIME can optimize the printing stability and improve the printing quality. Can help printers improve the quality of the underlying printing."

Tom Hammer, North American product manager for XSYS Print Solutions, added, “Our close cooperation with advanced printing companies enables us to keep abreast of the latest needs of the North American label market. People are working hard to improve print quality, reduce waste and increase productivity. Improved ink viscosity and print stability were resolved."

Mr. Hammer explained that “many ink manufacturers knew at the outset that designing ink systems is the key to understanding the stability of waterborne printing. Waterborne inks need an excellent fast drying balance on the substrate rather than on the printing plate. ”

Label Expo Americas will use Hydrokett PRIME for commercial production in the fourth quarter of 2006.

Reproduced from: Specialchem

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