Biodegradable blow water bottle

   Biota Brands of America supplies bottled high-value mineral water, which is the first product in the world to be molded from polylactic acid (PLA) material from the United States NatureWorks LLC. The Biodegradable Association recognizes and identifies this unique biodegradable bottle as a market degradable product. The test proved that a Biota bottle will be completely degraded in an industrial composting environment within 75-80 days. Traditional plastic bottles cannot be degraded. Since last year, Biota's new filling plant has used PLA Friendly's polylactic acid (PLA) preforms molded in Salt Lake City, and Planet Friendly Products has formed a strategic alliance between Biota and molding companies.

Figure 5: Blow Molding Polylactic Acid Bottle
(Source: Biota)

The preform was injection molded from polylactic acid resin through a 24-cavity Husky HyPET 120 unit. Three sizes of bottles are currently produced: 12 oz, 0.5 liter and 1 liter sizes. Compared to PET, its molding temperature is low, and no special treatment is required for containers or polylactic acid preforms. The SIG BloMax III Series 10-cavity injection/stretch blow molding machine can be added to 12 cavities for immediate use in bottle molding. The molding machine is filled online. The equipment of Husky and SIG companies do not need to be amended.

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