Huron Launches New High-Efficiency Clean Roll Mold Release Agent

Huron Technologies recently introduced a release coating 7391, specifically designed for rotomolding. This release agent has the advantages of efficient cleaning.

According to reports, the release coating 7391 is a water-based semi-permanent release agent. Since it forms a thin surface on the mold surface, it can keep the mold clean and the finished surface is also smooth and free from defects. Release coating 7391 can be applied to 30 kinds of products, and can be reused, eliminating the need to clean the mold each time, so it can extend the life of the mold. If the mold has a low or raised smooth surface, the release coating 7391 can replicate a more realistic surface of the tested mold.

Larry Rice, president of Rempel Roto-Cast's, pointed out that "Huron's release agent technology has enabled us to manufacture more efficient processing, less downtime, and increase the service life of molds. As a manufacturer of rotational molds, we are rolling There is a huge investment in plastic moulds, and Huron's release agent technology gives us confidence!"

The release coating 7391 manufactured and sold by Huron is available in sizes of 5 gallons per barrel and 55 gallons per barrel. Huron also manufactures release coating products for use in other, wider areas.

Reprinted from: China Plastics Machinery Network Information Center

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