Choosing kitchen furniture countertops

The countertop is the most exquisite in the kitchen furniture, and it is important to choose which material countertop. The basic requirements for the countertop are:

A appearance is smooth and flat, rich in texture and color;

B has good physical and chemical properties: hardness, strength, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, anti-fouling;

C has good craftsmanship: easy to saw, easy to grind, easy to glue, easy to bend;

D safety: non-toxic, non-radioactive.

Modern cabinet countertops are rich in materials and can be roughly divided into four categories:

A stainless steel: the countertop of the cabinet has good physical and chemical properties, but the color is monotonous and the visual effect is “hard”, giving a cold feeling, lack of intimacy, and not easy to change. At present, it can only play a role in the large kitchen of the catering industry.

B natural stone: beautiful patterns and brilliant colors. Nowadays people are demanding that the countertops are getting longer and longer, and seams are not allowed, but the length of natural stone is limited and it is difficult to meet this requirement. In addition, some beautiful natural stone may have radioactive elements.

C fire board countertop: the commonly used materials for countertops are made of 38MM moisture-proof particle board. It has strong impact resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, no fading and no toxicity.

D artificial stone: artificial stone is divided into two types: one is artificial marble, crystal stone, etc., mainly used for low-grade countertops; the other is solid sheet, with a crystal-clear appearance, easy to clean except dirt, high strength and heat resistance, It has thermoplastic properties and is easy to carry out various processing.

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