Pay attention to the ten items of furniture purchase

1. Choose a reputable furniture city;
2. Choose well-known brand furniture with environmental quality assurance;

3. Solid wood furniture is relatively environmentally friendly, but the price is higher;

4. Wood-based panel furniture, the highest amount of formaldehyde emission, children's room furniture should not choose wood-based panel furniture;

5. The modeling sofa and the leather sofa are relatively polluted, and the pollutants are formaldehyde and TVOC;

6. Children's room furniture should not be chosen to be too bright, heavy metal pollution is relatively high;

7. The decorative surface of furniture is usually based on paint. Pay attention to benzene and TVOC pollution. Don't be too convinced of the propaganda of furniture sellers. Because of the high price of water-based paint, ordinary furniture is rarely used.

8. Some furniture surfaces are melamine, which also releases benzene and TVOC;

9. After the furniture enters the house, pay attention to window ventilation. Do not rush to stay. If there is still a strong irritating smell after one month, it is best to carry out indoor air testing to see if the furniture causes indoor environmental pollution;

10. If there is pollution problem in the furniture, first look for the furniture manufacturer to negotiate, and at the same time notify the furniture city where the furniture is purchased, and ask their quality control department to participate in the coordination and resolution.

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