The pickle bottle cap is too tight

In life, we often encounter some cases in which the glass bottle caps are too tightly sealed. This has brought a lot of inconvenience to our lives, especially to some less powerful women. However, the men with great efforts also suffered injuries due to the tight sealing of the caps. This has to arouse the deep fourth of our vast bottle cap manufacturers and glass bottle manufacturers. Improving these bottle caps will bring convenience to people, and will also bring greater economic benefits for themselves!

Yesterday, the interventional catheterization department of the Department of Radiology of the Southern Hospital Affiliated Hospital of the Southern Medical University successfully performed vascular embolization therapy for a middle-aged man with a bleeding femoral artery and saved the patient's life. The 44-year-old middle-aged man tried to open a bottle containing pickles at home on Friday night. Due to excessive force, the bottle fell to the marble counter and immediately burst. A chipped piece of glass happens to pierce the roots of the man's thighs and blood flows for a while. The family hurriedly sent it to a nearby hospital for treatment. The doctor urgently applied pressure dressing and transfused more than 3,000 milliliters of blood for it. Finally, he temporarily stopped the blood.

However, on Saturday, when the patient's wound continued to bleed and he was transferred to the Second Affiliated Hospital of the Southern Medical University, there has been confusion. The director of Radiology Department of the hospital, Dr. Zhou Liang, found that the patient's right internal femoral artery ruptured and a huge hematoma of up to 15 cm was formed around him, and blood vessels were still rushing out. Director Zhou Liang took the opportunity to perform a vascular coil embolization treatment for the patient and blocked the fracture opening in time. Soon, the patient gradually wakes up.

Reprinted: Chinese bottle net

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