Why does China have no international big-name furniture?

The furniture that has been smashing hundreds of thousands of yuan is still selling well. The Da Vinci furniture, which is the main foreign brand, once occupied the market of high-end furniture in China, and is deeply loved by the rich. However, after a series of problems such as fraud in the place of origin, material fraud, label label non-compliance, and unqualified product quality, some buyers are still most concerned about their foreign status. "As long as it is made in Italy."

As a big country in furniture manufacturing, China's furniture exports have accounted for nearly 30% of the world's furniture trade. As the world's largest exporter, it does not have a well-known brand to compete with foreign brands, and enjoys high-end Chinese products in Da Vinci furniture. Behind the market is the lack of pain in domestic furniture brands. The famous economist Lang Xianping said on his Weibo yesterday that condoning plagiarism has hit the possibility of establishing an international brand in China's furniture industry.

International Furniture Fair marks the Chinese

“I went to the Milan Furniture Fair 10 years ago. The information on the booth was free to read. But in the past two years, I heard that many Chinese designers were refused to enter some booths.” Xu Guanrong, secretary general of the Shanghai Home Furnishing Industry Association, told reporters. “Many internationally renowned brands, even brands that have already established specialty stores in China, need visitors to present business cards at the International Furniture Fair. They will also ask 'Where are you from?' Refused to visit, and said that because there is no invitation, and many European and American designers have given the business card to enter." A designer who has visited the Milan Furniture Fair said that at the foreign furniture exhibition, the Chinese became The object of being targeted, because China is a plagiarism. "If you look at your eyes, you will have a replica tomorrow."

At the International Furniture Fair held in Shanghai and Guangzhou, China, the “No Photographing” signboard has become a must-have item on every stand. In addition to the foreign brands, “there are people watching the dishes”, some domestic brands are not willing to go. enter. “We usually only accept foreign customers at the furniture fair because we are worried about domestic foreign trade companies to defraud the information, and then take our new products to other companies.” An industry insider who asked not to be named said that although some Chinese companies have already I started to take the road of independent design, but it was difficult because of the poor domestic environment.

Lack of innovation, love, plagiarism, fatal injury

“Chinese furniture lacks the driving force for innovation.” Senior experts in the home furnishing industry wish Shen Shen to put this article in the first place in the furniture industry, and this is precisely the consensus of the industry.

"The Da Vinci incident is not accidental. It can even be said to be the unspoken rules of the furniture industry. It takes the foreign furniture to be transformed and produces and sells it. It is the customary method of small workshops and small workshops without design ability." Zhu Shensheng said that furniture The industry has a low barrier to entry, and three or five skilled carpenters have opened a small workshop. Such small-scale enterprises do not have the ability and awareness to design themselves. They usually ship through counterfeiting, and because there are many small factories and small workshops. The government department is also difficult to supervise. “A test report can be used all over the world. Regardless of the factory background, as long as you can afford to rent, you can enter the well-known furniture store for sale. After a little packaging, you can become a “well-known brand”.”

“In addition, the original design also faces the risk of cost. For a large number of small and medium-sized furniture companies, once the huge cost of product development and design can not obtain the corresponding commercial value, the blow to the enterprise may be fatal. The re-manufacturing of light design has not lasted for a long time." In addition, the integrity of China's furniture industry is not good, and homogenization competition is serious. Enterprises are more worried that new products designed with time, money and energy will become targets of counterfeiting. Thus "made a wedding dress for others", the entire process of replication is economical and convenient, forming a vicious circle.

Xu Guanrong pointed out that after 30 years of development, the Chinese furniture industry has become a major producer and exporter in the world. In 2010, China's furniture exports reached 33.7 billion US dollars, accounting for 25% of the world's total furniture output, and the export growth rate reached an unprecedented 30%, becoming the world's largest furniture exporting country. But in this context, because Chinese furniture is only made in China rather than original, there is no international brand that has so far been sung. "In the Chinese furniture industry with a total amount of 700 billion yuan, the sales of large enterprises have reached several billion, but in the total amount is still less than 1/10, not only the international brands can not stand up, not even a real meaning. The first domestic brand."

Give Chinese furniture another 10 years

From the extensive management to the stable development of sustainable development, from the rapid development of 30 years to the direction of adjusting the structure and increasing the added value of products, after the foreign OEM has achieved the world's first, the independent innovation of Chinese furniture development Be a homework for the next decade.

"We have the most advanced furniture production equipment and a large number of skilled workers. Chinese furniture will never be worse than foreign brands in manufacturing technology, but we still need time besides innovation." Xu Guanrong said that he has been with foreign countries for hundreds of years. Compared with historical furniture brands, Chinese companies have grown up in the past 20 years. Their corporate culture, furniture art, and craftsmanship are not as good as those of a hundred-year-old stores. To make a company and culture that can be passed down, it is necessary to calm down and further polish. . “Maybe in another 10 or 20 years, Chinese furniture brands will have a place in the world.”

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