How to adjust the delivery part of a sheetfed offset press

1. Time and displacement

The take-up roller pulls paper from the impression cylinder. The time and displacement must be accurately matched to ensure smooth pick-up. When the position of the impression cylinder is determined, the position of the delivery cylinder is also determined and cannot be adjusted. When it is found that the position of the chain is not suitable, the chain can only be adjusted, and the paper roll cannot be adjusted. When the position of the opener at the delivery pile is not appropriate, only the dental plate can be adjusted and the paper chain can not be adjusted. Therefore, the delivery roller is the absolute reference for the delivery section adjustment, and the delivery chain line is the relative reference for the delivery section adjustment.

The adjustment of the tooth pad of the delivery chain should be based on the impression pad of the impression cylinder, and the adjustment of the teeth of the chain row should be based on its own pad. Therefore, the impression pad of the impression cylinder is the absolute reference for adjusting the pad of the delivery chain, and the pad of the delivery chain is the relative reference for adjustment.

Under normal circumstances, the use of the user to adjust the delivery chain can be carried out as follows: The position of the tooth pad at both ends of the chain is usually not changed, that is, the relative reference can be ensured. At this time, the position of the middle pad can be calibrated using the tooth pads at both ends. Then come to calibrate the position of the dental piece.

2. Paper format

The size of the paper sheet directly affects the size of the powder, and the area of ​​the powder must be adjusted depending on the width of the paper. The position of the brake roller and the position of the side aligner must also be adjusted as the paper web changes. The basis for the adjustment of these parts is the front board, because the location of the front board is not adjustable.

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