Wardrobe show: big brand civilian price Sophia Grasse cloth wardrobe

[ China Wardrobe Net ] With the 80s, it has gradually become the main consumer group of the wardrobe . In order to meet the needs of the post-80s fashion life, the China Wardrobe will recommend the modern minimalist style wardrobe. This time we recommend the wardrobe for everyone. The leading brand of Sofia, the leading brand of the industry: Russ gray cloth wardrobe, it is understood that this wardrobe is a cost-effective Sofia product, especially for modern wage earners who like Sophia products but the budget is tight.


ROUND.1: Product Overview

Contestants (products): Grasse wardrobe

Team (brand): Sofia

ROUND.2: overall style appearance

Sophia wardrobe

Glass cloth wardrobe store real shot

The combination of beige and gray-blue is sleek and simple, giving a fresh and elegant feeling; the elegant fabric makes people feel more intimate, touch these delicate textures and feel the warmth of home. This is my home - quiet and unobtrusive, letting people down all the troubles and enjoying the term life.

ROUND.3: Plate

Cloth wardrobe

The door material of the cabinet is go2map of MDF. The fabric is made of imported melamine decorative paper. The biggest feature is the use of special embossing and veneering process, which makes the surface of the panel appear fine and detailed fabric weaving pattern, which has obvious concave and convex feeling. The hand feels delicate and comfortable, and the realistic fabric effect makes the panel look layered and has a strong decorative effect, which makes the wardrobe look more beautiful.

Sophia cloth wardrobe

In terms of color selection, the ingenuity of the white and white is blue and gray, the effect is surprisingly natural and harmonious. The fabric feeling brought out by the cloth makes the tough wardrobe become gentle, the texture of the fabric is clear and realistic, soft, stylish and elegant. Taste; good anti-aging properties on the surface, eco-friendly; visually feel, the combination of beige and gray-blue is simple and elegant, giving people a fresh and elegant feeling.

Cabinet: The base material of the cabinet is made of solid wood particle board, which has the advantages of not easy to deform and strong nail holding power. The surface is light and elegant, and the fabric is very intimate and feels at home.


Edge-sealing: The edge-sealing strip is tightly combined with the laminate, and the edge-sealing and laminate transition is naturally smooth and seamless.

ROUND.4: Layout: storage function design

Sophia wardrobe

Drawers: The large drawers increase the storage space of the closet.

Cloth wardrobe

Round-coat: The aluminum alloy clothing is decorated with a focus on the home net. The surface is covered with a layer of champagne. The metal texture is strong and the hand feels comfortable.

Sophia cloth wardrobe

Trousers rack: used to hang trousers, avoid folding and leave creases, if you can add anti-slip design is better.


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