Six wardrobes dedicated to the mother's most intimate

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Although Mother's Day has passed, but the concern for mothers is definitely not just one day. This May is full of warmth and care, send her a beautiful custom wardrobe , let her feel your intimacy and love!

(1) Deep flower cashmere glass door wardrobe


The elegant brown color is warm and warm, and the rattan waist line is natural and fresh, showing infinite warmth like a mother.

(two) apple wood wave door wardrobe

European wardrobe

The color of apple wood is full of mellow maturity, and only when the time is precipitated can it be deeply connotation.

(three) white European style leather door wardrobe

Cover wardrobe

Elegant and generous white, pure and flawless like maternal love, soft texture, deeply touches the warmest corner of the heart.

(four) European oak cloakroom


The noble and beautiful walk-in cloakroom is full of nobles. If you have a mother who is elegant and calm, then customize this wardrobe to go home!

(5) Thousands of gray mirrors frosted glass door wardrobe

European wardrobe

The textured gray mirror frosted glass gives a clean and clean feeling. The meticulous texture is exquisite, and your deep love is incorporated into it.

(6) White Acrylic Covered Wardrobe

Cover wardrobe

Pure white without flaws, representing the most true attachment. Simple lines, soft temperament, give the simplest and most direct love to your favorite mother!

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