The 11th Shandong Household Goods Exhibition in August 2012

The 2012 China International Homewares/Accessories/Crafts Fair will be held at the Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center from August 23 to 26, 2012, and will be held in conjunction with the 11th Jinan Furniture Fair in the north to build the top professional home accessories in China. The trade fair has created an excellent platform for exhibitors to promote their brands and open up markets.

At the 2012 Jinan Home Decoration Exhibition, famous brands such as handicrafts, household items, folk art, floral art, paintings and collectibles attended the fair. This exhibition is the professional exhibition area of ​​the 11th Jinan Furniture Expo. The number of visitors is expected to exceed 100,000!

The planning and operation mode of this exhibition strives for innovation, breaks the traditional model of buyers' invitation, and is the first in China to launch the model of attracting untouched advertisements. Fully consider the number and quality of professional visitors, set up the Buyer Invitation Department and some purchasers to invite outsourcing services in advance, and invite dealers, agents, importers and exporters, retailers, foreign consulates in China, and trade organizations; chain agencies; , enterprises, institutions, military units, professional markets, import and export trading companies, industry associations, media, etc., in addition, many professionals from India, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Russia and Other countries attended the meeting, sharing wardrobe customization services, and jointly creating North high-end cabinet industry exhibition. At the same time, this exhibition received strong support from well-known media such as Qilu Evening News, Jinan Times, Shandong Business Daily, China Gift Network, China National Decorative Network and China Crafts Network.

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