Teach you 5 minutes to get to work makeup

Refuse to be late for 5 minutes to get the makeup done quickly

Should be completed within 5 minutes: take lotion, apply cream, apply foundation, use loose powder to set makeup, draw eyebrows, draw eye shadow, draw eyeliner, roll eyelashes, apply mascara, apply lip gloss

1 minute: take a lotion and apply a cream (synchronized: comb)


1. The time required to take the lotion must not be cut off. You must wait until the lotion is completely absorbed before applying makeup.

2. After the lotion is completely absorbed, apply a cream on the face evenly.

Tips: When taking a lotion, try one hand to take a lotion and the other hand to comb your hair, saving time and exercising two cerebral hemispheres by the way/

2 minutes: foundation (synchronized: set with loose powder)


1. Shake the liquid foundation and pour the liquid foundation onto your hands or puff. Apply to the face and gently rub.

2, on the foundation, fluttering powder is not difficult, but first of all must ensure that the foundation is evenly distributed. Gently press the loose powder on your face and do not rub gently like a foundation.

Tips: Compared with the liquid foundation, the liquid foundation is easier to achieve a uniform effect, which can save a lot of time; the powder can guarantee a long-lasting beauty of the makeup.

3 minutes: Draw eyebrows and draw eye shadows (synchronized: finally check what you need to go to work)


1. Use your eyebrow powder to quickly clean your eyebrows and try to draw your eyebrows in 20 seconds.

2, do not use superimposed or layered eyeshadow, choose brown or brown color and other easy to match eye shadow. Use your fingers to apply eye shadow and quickly sweep over the eyelids.

Tips: In order to achieve the best possible speed, any cosmetic use should be simple, eyebrow powder is easier to operate than eyebrow pencil, even a makeup rookie can easily draw a frown; to save the effort of painting eyebrows every day, you can Go to the beauty salon to make permanent eyebrows.

4 minutes: draw eyeliner, roll eyelashes

Synchronous: Finish the package


1. Use the eyeliner to stick to the root of the eyelashes and quickly pull it from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye. The lower eyeliner is twice as thick as the upper eyeliner.

2, to the eyelash curler to hold the eyelash curler gently roll up, do not care too much about the curl of the eyelashes, because it can be remedied when applying mascara.

Tips: Continue to inherit the simple and fast principle, choose the easy-to-use cosmetics, so use eyeliner instead of the eyeliner that tests the drawing skills.

5 minutes: Apply mascara, apply lip gloss (synchronous: wear shoes)


1. Since the eyelashes are not secure enough due to the time relationship, try to brush the eyelashes to the outside of the eyes.

2. Apply lip gloss while wearing the shoes at the door, and rub your lips to make the lip gloss look more even.

Tips: Mascara is very easy to smudge, in order to maintain a day's makeup, you must choose a waterproof performance

The above steps are actually very easy for the usual skilled makeup or makeup techniques. Oh, if you don't have the skill, you may spend a little longer, as long as you practice more, you must be OK.

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