Printed newspapers and magazines have vitality among the rich

According to the US media industry website "Minonline", new and old media editors may be more openly talking about the inevitability of the decline in sales of printed newspapers; however, this trend is indeed a special case among the rich, and it remains viable. .

According to Ipsos Media Research, Mendelssohn’s 2012 annual survey of wealthy Americans shows that household income is above $100,000, and 82% of the wealthy have read at least one of 150 newspapers (143 species). Magazine and 7 national newspapers). This wealthy and knowledgeable American has as many as 59 million Americans, reading an average of 18.7 publications from 8.2 publishers. Despite the impact of digital publications, since last year, this group's love for printed newspapers has only declined at a very low rate (1.3%). Super-rich people (with annual incomes of $250,000 and above) are 25% more likely to read than the rich, usually 23.5 newspapers from 10 news organizations.

About a quarter (24%) of the wealthy read the paper-based national newspapers, which actually rose by 3.9% to 11.3 million. When this group of people reaches a higher income level, they will read more about printed newspapers.

Perhaps one interesting aspect of the investigation is for the upper class. In fact, this is an energetic part of the population, 26% of people have tablets; and smart phones in the rich (55%) hold more than the same type of equipment. Most mobile metrics research now targets the US smartphone penetration rate at around 50%. At the same time, the Internet's usage rate among high-income readers has risen sharply; it has risen 14% in 2011 to reach 37.4 hours per week. Similar digital products cover this part of the population. This year, the proportion of rich people downloading magazine apps has more than doubled in the past, from 2 million users to 4.7 million.

If there is any difference, Ipsos Research points out that it immediately caters to the wisdom of high-level consumption on print and digital platforms. The use of digital publications does not imply a refusal to print publications, and the obsession with printed publications does not imply a silence on digital publications or installations.

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