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We are aware of the earthquake resistance. We know that the first round of damage caused by the collapse of the building during the earthquake was mostly caused by indoor and outdoor falling objects, while the tall movable furniture (such as wardrobes, bookcases, wine cabinets, etc.) was undoubtedly dumped by the horizontal force. It is fatal.

As China's economic strength has improved, and seismic technology and means have provided stronger guarantees, the building's seismic capacity is increasing year by year. Therefore, fixing such furniture to buildings will provide a stronger guarantee for people's lives. .

The unification of style is easy to understand, and traditional practices often encounter such embarrassment. After the decoration, it is difficult to coordinate the purchase of furniture, color, etc., and the fixed home decoration will be integrated into the design of the building, the decoration and the furniture because of breaking the original boundary. The style can be considered as a whole, and the effect is of course self-evident.

The design plaque and solid wood feet are all American red cherries, and the floor is made of Burmese solid wood lacquer board with a slightly darker color. See paragraph 4 above. Reducing costs The cost mentioned here consists of three parts: one is to save material as mentioned above, the other is to save labor for daily cleaning, and the third is that it is durable and greatly prolongs the service life. Therefore, the cost of use is also shared.

In summary, the / fixed 0 furniture can make a lot of work in some relatively stable space, and the economic and social benefits are obvious.

In the future, furniture manufacturers can not only put products into the market for consumers to buy, but can infiltrate into the decoration in advance, providing menu-style services, directly facing people's behavioral needs, in order to achieve the best design results.

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