Woodcarving and mahogany furniture industry apply for appearance patents and multiple invention patents

Recently, the reporter learned from the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau that as of October, the city's woodcarving and mahogany furniture industry has applied for 660 patents and authorized 627 patents, making it the fastest growing industry in the city.

In recent years, in the face of fierce competition in the market and increasingly serious product homogenization, how to protect its own intellectual property rights has become an urgent issue for the city's woodcarving and mahogany furniture enterprises.

Mingtang Hongmu Furniture Co., Ltd. is one of the city's woodcarving and mahogany furniture patent demonstration enterprises. By October of this year, the company has applied for 45 patents and obtained 40 authorizations. According to Zhang Yulin, the company's patent owner, most of the patents applied by their company are designs.

“Unlike the lack of research and development capabilities of small businesses, our company employs designers and invests heavily in research and development of new products. If you do not apply for a patent, new products are easily imitated by others, and in turn you may even become a victim. With patents, it can also promote sales and increase the added value of products." Zhang Yulin said.

In the view of Wang Xiangdong, general manager of Dongyang Woodcarving Group, patents are legal rules of the game. Wang Xiangdong said that the call for regulation in the entire woodcarving and mahogany furniture industry is getting higher and higher. Therefore, everyone has begun to pay attention to patents, and patents can also reflect the true value of products. However, the current patents are basically design and invention patents are few. Less.

Du Qingqing, general manager of Xinming Redwood Furniture Co., Ltd. said that attaching importance to patents is a step that must be taken after the development of formalization. Only by attaching importance to patents can we protect our legitimate rights and interests, and at the same time protect local traditional culture.

Regarding the protection of patents, Zhang Yulin said that patents have a period of protection. If the protection period expires, it is necessary to protect rights during the protection period. However, in the face of the manpower and material costs to be paid, they feel powerless. In this regard, Wang Xiangdong also shared the same feeling. He said that his company's patents have been infringed by others, and even trademarks have been used by others. "Counterfeiting problems can also be solved in the form of industrial and commercial law enforcement, but if patent infringement is much more troublesome, many companies can't afford the cost of safeguarding rights. We are more likely to solve it through education and guidance." The reporter learned from the Municipal Furniture Industry Association yesterday that the average selling price of the local furniture market in Shanghai this year has increased by about 10% compared with last year.

From the weakening of the discounts in the furniture store, you can also see the difficulty of price reduction. The reporter visited Bai'anju, Hongxing Meikailong, Jishengweibang and other shopping malls. They found that most of the furniture were clearly priced and did not participate in the preferential activities. Even if they were willing to discount, the discounts were within 20%. Some furniture has made signs such as "purchase 1000 to 100" and "buy 100 yuan for 10 yuan", so that the profit space is still no more than 20%.

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