Beautiful Toread cold sweat-drenched ski pants add color to the winter reading>>

In the annual ski season, many snow-seekers must have acted to experience the excitement and thrill of sports in the winter white world. In the process of enjoying skiing, you should also pay attention to the warmth in the cold weather. The green field Xiaobian introduced to the American donkey who loves skiing is a new type of ladies ski pants from Toread Pathfinder 2012. Toread's new women's ski pants are made of WBW-TEX and other fabrics. While ensuring their warmth, they also have better windproof, waterproof, and wear-resistant features. Rose red ladies snow pants not only keep up with fashion. The color trend will also provide you with a better performing experience. Its market price is RMB 739.

Toread new ladies ski pants

Toread new snow pants fabric

The fabrics, linings and fillers of the new ladies snow trousers are made of 100% polyester fiber and 100% nylon material, which have better windproof and thermal properties. At the same time, WBW-TEX coating is used on the fabric. This coating is a kind of fabric that is waterproof, windproof and has good moisture permeability. WBW-TEX is a high-pressure-proof, high-permeability, ultra-lightweight composite fabric made of microporous PU film or PU coating technology; in addition to the necessary functions of professional outdoor apparel fabrics, it also has excellent cold resistance. , Guaranteed two thirty degrees under the circumstances the material is not crisp, not hard. The application of this fabric can effectively prevent cold airflow during the wear process and provide a good protective layer for the body in cold weather conditions.

Snow pants fabric display

The unique print design on the snow trousers surface fabric is inspired by the fascinating Maya plot. The combination of rich colors will bring us a pleasant mood, while the bright color is more suitable for skiing. The dress adds more color to the monotonous white world.

Show details

The functional design of Toread's new snow pants

Tailoring - The 2012 new winter snow trousers have a more beautiful version. The snow trousers with a three-dimensional cut design not only show a good upper body effect for the American donkeys, but also fit the trousers and enhance the trousers in sports. Fit, both to ensure the flexibility of the movement, but also provides the comfort of wearing.

Snow Skirt - snow trousers also use a snow skirt design, can effectively prevent rain and snow into the pants, enhance the warmth of snow pants.

Snow skirt

On the snow trousers, a number of functional pockets are designed to facilitate access to personal belongings at any time in the movement, and the use of the Mayan-style webbing with details guarantees functionality without sacrificing style.

Functional pocket

Enjoying the comfortable and warm Toread new snow pants while skiing, you can enjoy its beautiful colors. It is truly "two birds with one stone".

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