Thickness control of ink film in flexo printing

The development speed of flexographic printing is faster than that of any other printing methods. Flexographic printing is a relatively complicated printing technology and material market. In order to obtain the printing quality that can be easily achieved by gravure or offset printing, more variable factor printing technology should be controlled in flexographic printing. From this point of view, the development speed of flexographic printing is more rapid printing tools. It is conceivable that when more printers can compete with gravure and offset printers in terms of quality and stability through flexographic printing, how much will the expansion of flexographic printing improve the material market.

One of the biggest problems of flexo printing is to control the thickness of the ink film, which is not a problem in other printing methods in central China. For this reason, printing machine operators must understand the characteristics of flexo printing, make the best configuration of each link of the printing machine, and be able to effectively control various variable factors in the production operation to make it coordinate with the printing technology. This has a very important role in controlling the ink film thickness and obtaining high flexo quality in the printing market. In order to realize the best configuration in each link in the production of flexo printing, find and effectively control various variable factors, the printing tools should be tested in advance. Once the variable factors are found, quantitative testing can be carried out and corresponding control measures taken in the middle of printing. Only after being controlled first can the printing technology be continuously improved. The purpose is to change the disadvantages of flexo production, which depends largely on the operator's own technical level.

Anilox rolls with low ink transfer volume, doctor blades and printing plates are the three key equipment consumables that require key control and configuration. The ink substrate, printing pressure, printing machine and printing speed are the variable factors in the printing market that must be dynamically controlled during the start-up printing process.

This machine is designed to manufacture square bottom paper bags without handles from paper roll, and it is an ideal equipment for producing small-size paper bags fast. By implementing steps including paper feeding, tube forming, tube cutting and bottom forming inline, this machine can effectively save labor costs. The equipped photoelectric detector can correct cutting length, so as to ensure cutting precision. The equipped SIEMENS PLC system ensures that the machine can perform quickly and stably. This machine can process very thin paper, as well as produce paper bags very fast, thus this machine is especially suitable for being applied in food industries

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