Chic style adjustment body wardrobe recommended pinned on the apex of a woman's time

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Pursuit of good things is the dream of every woman's life, whether it is the Snow White dream of the Cardamom, or the Prada dream of mature intellectuality is the same. For the overall wardrobe of the cloakroom, they are regarded as a beloved. Today we recommend several cloakrooms to make the clothes in your closet different.

Overall wardrobe

Good Lai Kee Sunshine No. 1 coat and hat

In the cloakroom, here is the woman's charm hall: the new clothes are carefully selected on the clothes rail, and the jewels in the palace frame are dazzling; the Shiran is seated on the dressing stool, and the mirror is yellowed... the mirror The woman who is arrogant and versatile in the map can't help but look at it. Turning around and handing a silk scarf, a beautiful woman was born. Sunshine No.1 originates from the "Milano Impression" clear and natural lines, fashion and leisurely through the overall art, translucent temperament, to lead the industry's deep relief panel selection, return to the combination of natural and natural. The taste is in the details of the details, and the inadvertent perfection is presented outside the pattern.

Solid wood wardrobe

Hao Laike louver door series overall wardrobe

Just like the mood, waves, like life, waves, like the white layers, like a window of the soul, the good Lai Kee door, for the seemingly ordinary home life Zhang Open a landscape.

Wardrobe design

Good Lai Ke overall wardrobe

Juya is very suitable for women, with the same large flower pattern on both sides, with a little bit of dew to bloom, delicate and elegant, soft and meticulous, bring it into the bedroom, the whole room will be followed by a variety of styles.

A traditional Flatware Set contained seven pieces for each place setting, but modern sets tend to contain five or fewer.

Here's what you'd get in a traditional flatware set:

  • Dinner knife

  • Dinner fork

  • Soup spoon

  • Salad/dessert fork

  • Salad/dessert knife

  • Dessert spoon

  • Teaspoon

Flatware Sets

Flatware Set, Kitchen Utensil Set, Stainless Steel Utensils, Cutlery Series

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