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The real-life CS is one of the military recreational activities that the Chinese have been eagerly wooing in recent years. This “counter-terrorist Jedi confrontation” military themed event aims to convey a healthy and progressive value of play and to stretch its muscles during the battle. After the dripping time, taking away the exhaustion of work, let the lazy sub-healthy cells have no place to hide! In the release of personal pressure, to obtain energy beyond self, find ways to gain happiness. The first phase of the campaign will be hostage kidnapping, and counter-terrorists will be assembled to fight against terrorists as the story's main line. During the battle, there will be real-life experiences such as the distribution of war rations and the use of combat artifacts. After the battle is over, it will simulate a real military ceremony. The honors were given to the participants, so that the participants could fully feel the atmosphere of military honor.

This is the first phase of recruitment for the series of events. The recruitment time is from now until June 9, 2013. The offline activities will be held on June 16 in the Beijing Field Pioneer Reality CS Club Shunyi Base.

If you are a hero with a heroic feeling, you want to have a real stage to show your masculinity; if you are a sturdy rose, sports cells are developed and respond quickly, and you want to show your unique style in the war, then you must You can't miss our military brigade, join us and fight with us. Now log in to Chinatown Travel Channel activity page, click "I want to register", you can participate in our recruitment, as soon as possible to sign up for the war.

Details of the event:

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