Talking about the evolution of domestic home style

I have always paid more attention to the development of home design in the Mainland. Below I will combine the experience and feelings of the judges of the interior design competition for many years, focusing on the evolution of the home style of the villas in the Mainland.

The general style of villa design has changed from European and American neoclassical to modern diversification. In the past, most of the villa decoration in the Mainland took the route of European and American neo-classical style, not only the complicated lines, but also the soft furnishings. Most of the villas in Europe and the United States nowadays use modernist styles, simple, pure and stylish.

The evolution of the home style of the Mainland is also reflected in the rising of the new Chinese style. In the past, the mainland real estate market was full of architectural styles from all over the world, including the Mediterranean, Provence, Nordic pastoral styles, and so on. However, since the Olympics, the World Expo and other major international events have been held in the mainland, the self-confidence of the Chinese has increased a lot, and the once-style Chinese style has once again risen.

In the designer's work, I saw the use of traditional grille, furniture, color and other elements in the new Chinese style. Through their own understanding of traditional culture, the designer creates a traditional charm with the aesthetic needs of modern people, and integrates the two elements of modern and traditional, so that traditional art can be properly reflected in today's society. Other works that follow the simple style also convey a certain degree of Chinese impression. When the Chinese designers created the new Chinese style, they added modern techniques and modern spirits, and refined and simplified the traditional elements.

Nowadays, people's lives have changed from the slow and leisurely leisure to the busy running of today, and the pace of life is accelerating. Therefore, it is an inevitable trend for modern people's living space to develop in a simple direction. China is a country with a long history and splendid culture. With the development of the economy, the confidence of the Chinese people is constantly increasing. I believe that in the future, Chinese elements will be more used in home decoration, and the new Chinese style will be further developed in the future. (Huang Xiaoshi)

Introduction to Huang Xiaoshi

The founder of Lang Yu Villa Decoration, the godfather of Taiwan design, and the publisher of the magazine “Contemporary Design”, the authoritative design media in Asia. The experimental design has never stopped. He has written more than 20 kinds of books. He has been awarded the best magazine in Taiwan for the Golden Ding Award, the China Interior Decoration Industry Contribution Award, and the Annual Design Communication Award. In particular, in recent years, Shanghai has been the center of the major cities in the mainland, and monthly academic events such as the “Contemporary Design Masters Forum” have been held. The impact level is deep and wide, and it is well-known in the industry as “opening the first person in cross-strait design communication”. .

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