Furniture trade-in starts next month

The one-month trial of furniture trade-in for a month last year is scheduled to be officially launched in July this year. According to the "2013 Beijing Furniture Trade-in Implementation Measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "Measures") issued by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce, the Huimin policy will last for half a year, and the winning bidders will expand from 16 stores of 5 companies piloted last year. To 33 stores in 11 companies, consumers buy 4 types of furniture, and a single piece of furniture can receive a subsidy of up to 1,000 yuan.


Subsidy object

The city's household registration personnel; active military personnel and active armed police in Beijing; non-local household registration personnel holding valid "Beijing Work Residence Permit"; non-local household registration personnel holding valid temporary residence permit in this Municipality

Materials required for claiming subsidies

Consumers should provide the "Beijing Furniture Trade-in Certificate" collection; purchase of new furniture invoices, contracts (present the original, the company keeps a copy); purchaser ID card (present the original, the company keeps a copy)

The deadline for the delivery of old furniture and the issuance of old-for-new certificates for furniture is February 20, 2014. The deadline for purchasers to apply for subsidies is February 28, 2014.


Business list

Beijing Juran Home Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd.

Beijing Red Star Meikailong Expo Furniture Plaza Co., Ltd. Beijing Jimei Home Market Group Beijing Chengwai Chengjiao Plaza

Beijing Lanjinglijia Dazhongsi Home Plaza Market Co., Ltd. Power Furniture Group Co., Ltd.

Beijing Qumeixin Home Business Co., Ltd.

Beijing Jiahe Jiamei Home Market Co., Ltd. Beijing Jinyu Tiantan Furniture Co., Ltd.

Beijing Eurohui International Home Trading Co., Ltd. (formerly Beijing Baiqiang International Home Trading Co., Ltd.)

Beijing Xinhai Yuntong Commercial Building

Subsidy limited to four types of furniture

According to the "Measures", from July 1 to December 31, individual consumers purchase four types of new furniture (cabinet, sofa (furniture decoration effect), bed, table and chair in the winning furniture sales enterprise, and must When you can move), the purchaser pays the old purchase and can get 10% of the actual sales price of the new furniture. The government and the furniture sales enterprise subsidize 5% respectively, and the single piece furniture subsidy amount does not exceed 1,000 yuan.

It is understood that the old-for-new policy does not require the old and new grades of old furniture replaced by consumers, but the new furniture purchased and the old furniture delivered should be of the same type and the same amount. At the same time, the purchaser of the new furniture, the delivery of the old furniture, and the applicant for the subsidy should be the same person.

The new furniture delivery location is consistent with the delivery location of the old furniture. At the same time that the furniture sales enterprise delivers the new furniture, the purchaser will hand over the furniture free of charge and the furniture sales enterprise will recycle the old furniture free of charge. The furniture sales enterprise will issue the “Beijing furniture trade-in” to the purchaser. Voucher “Recycling Union”; if the new furniture delivery location is inconsistent with the delivery location of the old furniture, the furniture sales enterprise may provide paid old furniture recycling service, and the purchaser shall pay the old furniture recycling fee.

Manufacturers must not raise prices in disguise

The "Measures" stipulate that furniture sales enterprises involved in trade-in shall not raise prices at will or in disguise; they shall not sell furniture products that do not meet the relevant quality requirements of the state; they shall not adopt any means to restrict consumers from enjoying corporate promotion discounts and government old-for-new subsidies.

In addition, if the purchaser participates in the old-for-new replacement of the subsidy for the replacement of the furniture, it shall be implemented in accordance with the provisions of the existing return and exchange; the return of the government shall be refunded by 5% of the government subsidy.

Old furniture can no longer be sold

How to deal with recycled old furniture? The provisions of the pilot period last year were: reusable second-hand furniture operators who were legally handed over by furniture sales companies to recycle or donate charitable donations.

But this year, recycled old furniture will no longer be allowed to be sold as second-hand furniture. The "Measures" stipulate that the old furniture recovered by the sales enterprise shall be handed over to the old furniture dismantling and processing enterprises for dismantling. The old furniture dismantling and processing enterprises will re-use the reusable dismantled materials into legal recycling enterprises to realize resource recycling and utilization;

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