【Tektronix】 DPO3000, MSO3000 series digital fluorescent oscilloscope technical information

Versatile mixed-signal design and debugging tool Use Tektronix DPO3000 series oscilloscope to view more information and solve problems faster. Wave Inspector? Control function combined with a first-class wide-screen display can help you quickly search, navigate and view more on-screen levels Data, so you can capture glitches missed by other instruments. In terms of serial debugging, you can trigger, decode and search a series of common standards, including I2C, SPI, CAN, LIN and so on. Model bandwidth sampling rate record length number of channels DPO3054 500 MHz 2.5 GS / s 5 M 4DPO3052 500 MHz 2.5 GS / s 5 M 2DPO3034 300 MHz 2.5 GS / s 5 M 4DPO3032 300 MHz 2.5 GS / s 5 M 2DPO3014 100 MHz 2.5 GS / s 5 M 4DPO3012 100 MHz 2.5 GS / s 5 M 2 main features and advantages Standard 5 M record length, and is not affected by other indicators. Provides up to 2.5 GS / s sampling rate on all channels to accurately represent the signal. I2C, SPI, RS-232 / 422/485 / UART, CAN and LIN serial trigger and analysis options. Wave Inspector? Control function, easy to search and navigate long memory. 9-inch large WVGA widescreen monitor, you can view more horizontal data on the screen. PC connection and USB mass storage, easily transfer and archive information.

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