About Contrasting Shaped Rotary Joints with Standard Rotary Joints

Rotary joints can be divided into high pressure, high speed, and high temperature rotary joints, which can reduce production time and product quality for customers.
What is the difference between a profiled swivel and a standard swivel? What is the difference with a standard swivel in use? The following is my description of special-shaped rotary joints and standard rotary joints.
Special-shaped rotary joints are combined in the external environment under use conditions to achieve better output capabilities. Large-scale changes are made to standard rotary joints according to customer requirements. Designers spend a lot of time and energy on design drawings. Change the drawing and draw a certain amount.
Standard rotary joints, as the name suggests, are manufactured and processed in accordance with the model specified by the manufacturer, the corresponding drawings and the prescribed calculations. In the use case, it is combined with the customer's standard accessories to create a joint that reduces work time and improves work efficiency.
Advantages of profiled rotary joints: The joints can be brought into full play and the surrounding environment can be customized with any manufacturer and customized according to the external environment. Disadvantages: The service life of the joint is not ideal, and the life of the standard rotary joint is too large to be changed. Replace the joint in advance. In order to spend too much time at the time of customization, if you want to order shaped connectors, you should contact the manufacturer in advance.
The advantages of standard rotary joints: When using, the quality and quantity of the products are obviously improved, the time is short, the workmanship is fine, the price is low, and the service life is long. Disadvantages: To maintain frequently, the customer's machine should be re-customized if it changes the configuration.

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