Nokia's research and development of magnetic tattoos can be used as call reminder

Nokia's research and development of magnetic tattoos can remind Nokia that it has applied for a new US patent for a new technology. When the ringtone of the mobile phone rings, the magnetic tattoo will make the mobile phone users feel tingling. But the question is whether mobile phone users are willing to suffer from acupuncture to increase this feature. When the ringtone of the mobile phone rings, the magnetic material in the skin will respond to the signal by "shock", reminding you that there is an incoming call, so that you will not miss the call. Nokia proposes that once the user's wound "recovers", this electromagnetic tattoo can be magnetized. The tattoo can provide single and composite "pulses" to represent different mobile phone messages. The company's application indicates that people's tattoos in the future will remind them that they have received new information, missed calls, or that their phones have run out of power. In addition, this kind of tattoo can also "sound" like an alarm, or remind mobile phone users that there will be a meeting to be attended. Nokia recommends: "Before tattooing with magnetic ink, first demagnetize by high temperature. Then use this demagnetized ink to draw a pattern in the skin or on the surface of the skin. Once the tattoo is completed, the wound of the skin is healed, with functional tattoo Mobile phone users can use permanent magnets to re-magnetize the patterns on their skin. "The technology will also issue commands based on mobile phones that can emit magnetic pulses. The patent application was submitted to the US Patent and Trademark Office this month. This layer of material can detect the magnetic signal emitted by the mobile phone and then transmit the vibration command to the skin. This technology will expand the current vibration feedback, that is, the phone tells you whether the battery is dead or someone is calling you through vibration.

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