Talking about the three major schools of mahogany furniture

China's ancient Ming and Qing Dynasties all produced furniture, but the exquisite furniture is mainly produced in Suzhou, Guangzhou, Beijing, Ningbo and other places, especially the furniture made in Suzhou, Guangzhou, Beijing, the most famous, Ming and Qing furniture three major schools: "Su Zuo "Guang Zuo" and "Jing Zuo" were named.

Su Zuo: The style is generous

Su Zuo furniture refers to the furniture produced in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River with Su as the center. Su Zuo furniture has a long history, and the famous Ming and Qing furniture is mainly made of Su Zuo furniture. In the Ming Dynasty, Su Zuo furniture was generous, concise, sleek, with smooth lines, moderate proportions, and fine materials. Su-style furniture is characterized by careful use of materials. Large-scale appliances often use inlaying techniques. The wood is made of bone and the hardwood sheet is attached. The small pieces are carefully honed, and the small pieces of scraps are common. This kind of technology takes time and labor, but it can be seamless and beautiful. After entering the Qing Dynasty, Su Zuo furniture also changed to the luxury of luxury, but gradually surpassed by Guangyi furniture.

Guang Zuo: Unique skills

The furniture made in Guangzhou is called Guangzuo Furniture. Guangzhou is at the forefront of China's open door and is the main channel for the import of high-quality timber in Southeast Asia. At the same time, Guangdong and Guangxi are important producers of precious wood in China. The unique conditions promoted the development of Cantonese-style furniture. After the middle of the Qing Dynasty, Guangzuo furniture became a prominent place and became the most famous place for Qing style furniture. The characteristics of Guangzuo furniture are that the materials are thick and heavy, and the shape is heavy; the materials are clear, and they are not mixed with each other. The structure, shape and decoration are greatly influenced by the western architectural decoration style, and most of them are the combination of Chinese and Western. It is particularly worth mentioning that the unique mosaic technique in Cantonese furniture is a must.

Jing Zuo: style luxury

Beijing-made furniture is not a general folk product, but refers to furniture made in Beijing by the court workshop. It is mainly composed of several hardwood furniture such as red sandalwood, huanghuali and mahogany. Due to the financial strength and material resources of the court office, the furniture is made up of furniture and materials. The decoration is gorgeous, and other furniture is comparable. The Jingzuo furniture has formed a luxurious style and a combination of various handicrafts. In addition, due to the excessive pursuit of luxury decoration, diluting the practicality, and even making it a decoration, this is the biggest regret of Jingzuo furniture.

Of course, it is not enough to know mahogany furniture from only three major schools. The understanding of each person's multi-wood furniture is never fixed to a stylized thing. We can appreciate the history of mahogany furniture, and from its exquisite and elegant structure and comfortable artistic beauty, we can appreciate the “emotional” confession of the craftsmen of the three schools of genre. This is a classical expression from the exquisite craftsmanship. Special emotional art of furniture.

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