The development of office furniture is full of problems to be solved

It is understood that China's office building development investment increased by 40% compared with last year, which also brought about the rapid growth of office furniture. More and more international brands have entered the domestic office furniture market, and the office furniture market has received extensive attention. China's office furniture industry is growing rapidly in continuous transformation and transformation, and both domestic and export prospects are generally optimistic.

However, in the face of such a huge market demand, the overall status quo of the office furniture industry is difficult to match: market competition disorder, homogenization is serious, design ability is generally low, product quality is not good...

As a big country in the world of furniture manufacturing, China has almost never heard of the “China Famous Brand”. Investigate, because local entrepreneurs mostly lack brand awareness, which is obviously not consistent with the mainstream of international development. How can we increase the added value of the brand, from the low-level product competition to the comprehensive strength competition of models, brands and services? This requires not only the industry to integrate resources, but also the pioneers to actively explore.

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