Gene Amplifier built-in high-end control system

Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. has developed the Haozhuang (LNB) brand gene amplification instrument, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, leading the country. The application of patented technology realizes fast, efficient and balanced amplification detection of MEMS organic whole composed of optical switch array, self-focusing lens, pigtail collimator and variable gain low-light O / E device. Under management, multiple specimens can be quickly and evenly scanned in milliseconds, avoiding time lag or vignetting errors caused by mechanical scanning or CCD scanning. Realize PCR thermal cycle amplification of standard samples and high-throughput real-time fluorescence excitation and quantitative detection. Walking at the forefront of PCR technology, with a long history in the development and marketization of PCR equipment; successfully using standardized PCR detection technology in clinical practice; rapid real-time PCR technology realizes the rapidity of DNA / mRNA detection The method of needle labeling specific nucleic acids makes the accuracy higher; it simplifies the traditional PCR method; uses the minimum sample volume and produces results in about an hour; the simple closed-tube analysis allows you to eliminate the need to touch the sample after the sample is added, reducing sample consumption Run out of risk; shorten report time; simplify test steps; increase the flexibility of users' advanced applications, provide user-defined PCR operation platform; build your user-defined applications; analyze user-defined tests; high performance, High sensitivity; high specificity; wide dynamic range; powerful software data management system, complete case file; integrated network service function; icon display; automatic reagent and result tracking; friendly user interface; open and personalized The instrument is easy to adapt to your laboratory environment, maintenance-free light source system, high-brightness narrow-band LED light source, stable operation, long service life, end Maintenance-free, sensitive and accurate photoelectric system fluorescence excitation / detection monochromator adopts American original filter; detector adopts Japanese original metal encapsulated photomultiplier tube PMT, which has the characteristics of high sensitivity, fast and stable; collimator , Light-opening array, optical fiber components, and electronic control devices are all used during the import period; high precision and good consistency.
Advanced temperature control system The instrument adopts membrane heating and semiconductor heat pump refrigeration technology to ensure the rapid and stable temperature rise and long life of the instrument. The addition of a heat cover ensures the operation of PCR without mineral oil and avoids pollution caused by human factors.
Advanced temperature control system The instrument adopts membrane heating and semiconductor pump cooling technology to ensure the rapid and stable temperature rise and long life of the instrument. The addition of a hot cover ensures that the PCR is operated without mineral oil and avoids pollution caused by human factors.
The friendly software system Chinese Windows traditional interface is more in line with Chinese operating habits. Multiple standard parameter fill-in-the-blank input reduces the things caused by the parameter setting; the parameter input prompt ensures the validity of the parameter input.
Diversified operation modes: up to 9 segments per program; up to 9 steps per program; up to 99 cycles per program; multiple correction and adjustment methods for multiple parameters such as temperature and cycles, It can fully meet the clinical and scientific research requirements.
Good linear range, sensitivity, reproducibility, wide linear range, detectable sample concentration linear range of 101 ~ 1010, minimum resolution of sensitivity is 1 copy, repeatability CV ≤ 2.1%.
Unique instantaneous power-off protection function This instrument can remind users to continue the test after instantaneous power failure. A brief instantaneous power outage caused by the power grid or other or other reasons will no longer cause trouble for your experiment, reduce the loss of reagents for you, and relieve your PCR laboratory of having no dedicated line power supply.
With a deep understanding and mastery of scientific instrument technology, Shanghai Haozhuang has not only developed low-temperature and constant temperature instruments, ultrasonic instruments, cabinet instruments, microbiological instruments, ice-making refrigeration instruments, and laboratories based on independent research and development of core technologies of scientific instruments With supporting instruments, and gradually formed a product pattern of various scientific instruments and technical reserve products to develop together. Looking forward to your consultation!

Hot Air Through Non Woven Fabric is one of baby & Adult Diaper 's raw material .There are two different performances of hydrophilic and hydrophobic. And has SSS,SMS,SMMS Nonwoven fabrics for hygiene products. 

PP/PE Hot Air Through Fabric , PP/PET Hot Air Through Fabric, Hydrophilic Hot Air Through Fabric, Hydrophobic Hot Air Through Fabric


1. Hydrophilic.

2. Web clear and lowest rewet.

3. Soft and fluffy.

4. High bulked fiber structure,web clear and lowest rewet.

5. Itself does not absorb water.

6. Spread liquid several times to help spread.

7. Strong capability of liquid acquisition & distribution.


Disposable personal health care products, such as Baby Diaper , adult diaper, women sanitary napkins, sanitary pads,etc.

Hot Air Through Fabric

Hot Air Through Fabric,Hot Air Through Hydrophobic,Nonwoven Fabric For Diaper,Hot Air Nonwoven Fabric

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