Reliability testing of mobile phones and computers

When designing a mobile phone or computer (laptop, tablet, etc.), it is necessary to know clearly that the mobile phone needs to meet the market requirements and needs to pass some tests to determine what standard the tested object has reached.
The purpose of the reliability test of the mobile phone is to continuously catalyze the life and fatigue of the product in a specific acceptable environment, which can predict and estimate the quality and reliability of the product in advance. Testing of mobile phones or computers (notebook computers, tablet computers, etc.) includes: accelerated life test, climate adaptation test, structural durability test, surface decoration test, special condition test and other condition test.
All the above test experiments can use various electronic universal testing machines, three-point / four-point bending testing machines, strength testing machines, simply supported beam impact testing machines, cantilever beam impact testing machines, pendulums developed and produced by Shanghai Qingji Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. Hammer impact tester, drop hammer impact tester, drop tester, hot and cold impact tester, environmental test box and other test and inspection equipment. The company can formulate fixtures and test equipment with different functions according to the needs of customers. Everything for customers to provide the best quality technology and service. Our company specializes in research, development, production, sales and service of well-known enterprises engaged in testing instruments. Welcome new and old customers to call us or visit our factory to discuss business.

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