High humidity should not appear in the surrounding environment of the artificial climate box

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1 When the intelligent artificial climate box is transported, the inclination angle should not be greater than 45 ° C to avoid damage to the refrigerator.

2 Avoid violent shocks and impacts to prevent the glass door from cracking.

3 The artificial climate incubator should be far away from the source of electromagnetic interference, and the ground wire of the socket that supplies power to the lighting box should be grounded.

4 The artificial climate box should be installed in a place not exposed to direct sunlight, and there must be sufficient ventilation.

5 The artificial climate box should be installed on a solid and flat ground, away from heat sources and the surrounding environment is not prone to high humidity.

6 Do not adjust the humidity setting value too low, so as not to stop dehumidification.

7 The humidifier water tank must use distilled water or purified water, the amount of water should not be less than 1/3 of the volume, be careful not to overflow when adding water, once spilled or spilled, wipe with a rag to prevent water from flowing into the equipment and causing damage.

8 Axial fan is directly above the working room. Do not block the fan when placing objects to avoid uneven temperature caused by poor ventilation.

9 Before the equipment is idle, remove the water from the humidifier water tank and allow the moisture inside the equipment to completely dissipate. Before closing the door, make sure that the inside of the box is completely dry.

10 Before moving the equipment, the water in the humidification tray should be emptied. Spilled or spilled water may cause electric leakage or electric shock.

11 Do not use sodium chloride solvent or other halide solution to clean this equipment, because it may cause rust.

12 If humidification is not required, set the humidity to 0% RH and drain the water in the tank.

13 If the ambient temperature is low and the set temperature is high, the measured temperature cannot reach the required set value for a long time, please turn the cooling capacity switch on the panel to the low position.

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