Brief analysis of the purchase method of high temperature circulation pump

How to choose Shanghai Bilang high temperature circulating pump.

There are many tips for choosing a high-temperature circulator. Below Shanghai Bilang will introduce you what you should pay attention to when choosing a high-temperature circulator?

The high-temperature circulator is generally used in conjunction with fermentation tanks, vacuum glass reactors and jackets of various sizes. When the recirculator is working, the outdoor circulation first re-enters the high-temperature heat source in the tank and the large flow rate into various jacket interlayers. The temperature gradually rises, and finally the materials in the jacket react under high temperature conditions. The specifications of the high-temperature circulator are generally 5L, 10L, 15L, 20L, 30L, 50L. The high-temperature circulator can be selected according to different jacketed reactors. The two windows of the instrument are respectively red and green. Red, the measured value of the lower window is green, the LED display screen is adopted, the high-temperature circulator computer adopts the latest control technology, the operation is simple, the stability is good and the accuracy is high.

BILON high-temperature circulator is a high-temperature heating source developed and designed by our company. It is suitable for jacketed reactor, pilot-scale chemical reaction, high-temperature distillation, semiconductor industry, etc. The GX series of high-temperature circulators make up for the shortcomings of similar domestic products, and the price is much lower than imported products, which is an ideal choice. At the same time, when purchasing the Bilang high-temperature circulator, the general supporting items are: a host, a power cord, a cover, a manual, a certificate, and a warranty card. The user must make a purchase Check it out.

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