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The heat has arrived, and the accumulation of a year of fat wants to burn quickly in this short period of time and finally achieve the goal of disappearing. It is obviously very difficult, and those who burn a lot of silver, fat-reduced, slimming and scorpion Courses such as yoga classes, if abandoned halfway, will eventually miss the devil's figure at the same time as summer. Under the double pressure of work and life, it is really difficult to carry out regular and consistent fitness programs. How to achieve weight loss without going to the gym?

1. Drink at least one cup of green tea a day


The "catechin" in green tea has anti-oxidation, enhance metabolism, scavenge free radicals, etc. It can activate protein kinase and triglyceride lipolytic enzyme through many actions to reduce fat cell accumulation, thus achieving weight loss. Green tea can not only achieve the effect of accelerating fat consumption and strengthening healthy weight loss, but also reduce the incidence of cancer, Alzheimer's disease, and diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

   2. Chewing slowly helps to lose weight


Some people may feel very disdainful about this theory. They also eat the same amount of food. There are no obvious differences between occasionally eating a few meals. However, experts believe that when the time of eating is extended, and the eating habits of chewing slowly are formed, the food will be bitten into a paste or liquid before swallowing, and the body will more easily absorb the nutrients provided by the food, and more Conducive to the operation of the digestive system, in other words, people eat more slowly, the sense of fullness of food will be stronger. The data shows that it takes 20 minutes for the human brain to sense the feeling of "fullness", which explains why people who eat overeating usually eat faster.

   3. List the summer must complete a list of things N

Occasionally, the gym is not surprising, and everyone will be lazy when fighting fat. Experts suggest that you can list a "workout list" that suits your situation and is within your physical reach. After you have done a check on yourself, you can "pay in installments."

   4. Choose optimistic and enjoyable music


Studies have confirmed that people are more inclined to choose music that suits their mood at the time of choosing music, rather than choosing music that makes them happy. In other words, the concerts that people choose when they are depressed make themselves lower. And stress is one of the causes of obesity. Experts believe that listening to some positive music, the joyful tune of the tune can also achieve the effect of "slimming" from the side.

   5. Deep sleep, get up early, get up early, get good health


From childhood, the elders taught us that we should go to bed early, get up and exercise. The idea of ​​seemingly “old teeth” is actually more effective than the occasional approach to the gym to exchange money for psychological comfort. Experts suggest that software that measures sleep quality can be used to “monitor” and record your sleep process, if there is difficulty falling asleep. People can use "melatonin" at the doctor's advice or drink chamomile and lavender before going to bed to help them fall asleep.

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