Romantic French wardrobe, exquisite woman should have

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] There is always a piece of clothing in the closet , which is the woman's greatest voice. So I continued to add clothes, but I don’t know that in the process, I was troubled by the fact that the wardrobe was too small and the space was not enough. At this time, a large-capacity wardrobe became a woman's dream. The requirement is big enough. It is best to be stylishly integrated. The French wardrobe is romantic and stylish, and the four-door design is enough to accommodate two people's clothing. This is the best choice.

Recommended products : Farissa four-door wardrobe

Reference price : 4999

French wardrobe

The Falisa Wardrobe extracts the essence of Parisian fashion art and blends Eastern Zen charm with modern elements. The overall color is bright, embellished with pearl white, fresh and soft. Exquisite and classically carved design, round and full of three-dimensional, make the wardrobe full of noble and extraordinary temperament. With a large airy line, the simplicity reveals a luxurious texture.

Wardrobe design

This four-door wardrobe is 1890*620*2380mm in size and stands in the corner. Two hanging areas, five grid storage areas, and three large drawers allow the clothes to be in place, neatly placed, and have their own exclusive nest. It not only satisfies the needs of a couple for the storage of various clothes, bags, bedding, etc. Functional area division is also achieved.

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