The home environment makes reasonable use of the "detachable and installable" children's wardrobe into a new favorite

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Ms. Zhang, who lives in Beijing, said: "The child grows very fast. When I buy him household items, I have a special headache. I want to buy a set with him. He likes to look at the wardrobe that I like to look forward to and will not get in the way. I have been thinking about it for a long time, saving some money and not saving us.

Children's wardrobe

The home environment makes reasonable use of the "detachable and installable" children's wardrobe into a new favorite

Children's wardrobe into a new favorite

Growth wardrobes can save parents money and worry, and the popularity in the market is still quite high. Furniture that can be installed in a detachable and modular design is an important design concept for children's growth wardrobes. A brand salesperson said in the introduction of the children's wardrobe: "After the implementation of the two-child policy, the flexible and space-saving children's wardrobe has been greatly welcomed by customers." And the number of compartments and clothes sticks for children's wardrobes is variable. The height is adjustable. This is a good fit for changes in the child's height, length and learning habits. The "grown up" wardrobe can save a large part of the second investment in the children's bedroom, avoiding the hustle and bustle of the idle wardrobe. This recycling is also a big part of environmental protection.

Bedroom style can not rely on the wardrobe

The wooden cabinet door of a children's wardrobe brand is made up of detachable plates and glass combinations. The children can be placed in different periods of time and can be attached with favorite photos. "We are also very contradictory. On the one hand, it is a child's nature to paint on a white wall. On the other hand, it really hurts the walls that are originally white and clean. I will discuss with the gentleman and wait for the child to grow up and brush again. Paint, but the child's masterpiece is definitely not guaranteed, it is a pity. With this design, we don't have to worry about the child not showing the place, it is quite good." Ms. Liu said with a smile.

Children's wardrobes should pay more attention to quality

The child's growth is not a year or two. The quality of the product is high enough and stable enough to support the whole childhood of loving and jumping. Parents should pay more attention to quality when purchasing a wardrobe with growth performance, not just design. Parents must not neglect the quality assurance required for recycling after choosing a child with growth function. In the current children's wardrobe market, it is more wise for consumers to choose products with brand protection.

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